About ProxyFox

⚠ ProxyFox is shutting down

Over time it has become increasingly more obvious that this project isn't sustainable for me anymore
I've been having a hard time finding motivation to work on the bot, and I've been struggling to afford the server I'm renting for it.

ProxyFox will be going offline around

If anyone wants to take over the project, feel free to reach out. Otherwise, any data you haven't exported will be lost.

The source code will always remain public on github, at https://github.com/The-ProxyFox-Group/ProxyFox.

Thanks for everything blobfoxheart
- Vix

ProxyFox is a modern Discord bot designed for systems to aid communication.
It looks for certain tags in messages to associate them with a system member, and uses a webhook to proxy that message as a pseudo-user.
Due to limitations set by Discord, these messages will show as a bot, however, the people using ProxyFox are not bots.

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